Workreport 2019-9



Drilling of Grouting Holes and Water Loss Measurements in the Final Disposal Facility Canister Shaft 2017 – 2018


Toropainen, V.



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Posiva Oy contracted (order 2106223, several additional orders with same number) Taratest Oy to core drill the drillholes for grouting work of the canister shaft ONK-KU5 of the final disposal facility in Olkiluoto. The work took place in several phases between 16th of March 2017 and 23th of August 2018.

The identification numbers of the drillholes are ONK-PP447…458, ONK-PP467…470, ONK-PP479…482, ONK-PP487…489, ONK-PP459…466, ONK-PP475, ONK-PP477…478, ONK-PP471, ONK-PP473…474, ONK-PP483…486, ONK-PP499…506, ONK-PP509…516, ONK-PP520…526, ONK-PP529…533 and ONK-PP535…536.

The drilling rig used was hydraulic Sandvik DE 130. Extra stabilized drilling equipment was used to ensure maximum straightness of the drillholes. The drilling equipment was in the start Atlas Copco NO, but changed later to NO2. The drillhole diameter with the equipment used is 75.7 mm and sample diameters are 47.6 mm (for NO) and 50.5 mm (for NO2). The drilling water was taken from the ONKALO drilling water pipeline and premixed sodium fluorescein was used as a label agent in the drilling water.

The deviations of the drillholes were surveyed with Reflex Ez-Trac device when the drillhole was finished. Water loss measurements were conducted in the drillholes to estimate the need for grouting and to measure if the grouting operation was successful.


Core drilling, drillhole, grouting, deviation survey, water loss measurement, canister shaft, final disposal facility, Olkiluoto


TR 2019-09_web (pdf) (3.6 MB)


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