Final disposal

Construction Licence

Construction Licence

Posiva submitted the Construction Licence Application For Final Repository to the Government on 28 December 2012.

The application for a construction licence concerns a complex of two interconnected nuclear facilities, an above-ground encapsulation plant and an underground final repository. The complex also includes facilities intended for the final disposal of nuclear waste created during the operation and decommissioning of the encapsulation plant. The final repository will be built at a depth of 400–450 metres. The repository will consist of a tunnel network, to be built in stages, and the related technical facilities.

The suitability of the Olkiluoto bedrock for the final disposal of nuclear waste has been confirmed with the construction of the underground characterization facility ONKALO.

The fulfilment of the long-term safety requirements is discussed in the safety case prepared for the licence application, submitted to the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority for appraisal. According to the safety case, the annual radiation doses incurred as a result of the likely developments within the next ten thousand years would remain considerably below the maximum allowable doses even for the persons with the highest exposure.

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