26.01.2018 14:00

News from the world: Review procedure on final disposal project proceeds in Sweden

The Swedish final disposal project has proceeded to a stage where it is reviewed by authorities. The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, SSM, as well as the Swedish Land and Environmental Court issued yesterday, Tuesday 23 January, their statements related to the final disposal facility for spent nuclear fuel.

SSM supports in its statement the construction of the final disposal facility in Forsmark. According to the Authority, SKB has the required capabilities for safe implementation of final disposal.

According to the statement issued by the Land and Environmental Court, SKB's application for the most part meets the requirements for approval. However, the Environmental Court is of the view that there are still some uncertainties related to the long-term performance of the copper canister as far as the corrosion processes of copper are concerned. SKB is requested to provide further information regarding the properties of the canister and the influence on long-term safety. Work at SKB on these issues are in progress as planned.

Like SKB, Posiva is working on the above mentioned issues, and thus the statement of the Land and Environmental Court is not seen to result in any changes in the ongoing work.


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