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Posiva Solutions Oy

Posiva Solutions Oy is established in June 2016 and it's a subsidiary of Posiva Oy. Posiva is the leading expert in final disposal of the spent nuclear fuel. It is responsible for the final disposal of the spent fuel generated in Finland by its owners, Teollisuuden Voima Oyj and Fortum Oyj, as well as for research related to final disposal. Posiva is the first company in the world, which has selected the final disposal site and got the construction license for the spent nuclear fuel repository.

Posiva Solutions focuses on the sales of the know-how and technologies Posiva has accumulated from its design, research and development activities in the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel.

With our experience you can save time and cost.

Rock-solid expertise in nuclear waste management

We provide tailored expert services in collaboration with an extensive network of partners. Our expertise is based on Posiva's decades-long experience in design, research and development.

The main areas of operations of Posiva Solutions are:
  • Consulting services (programme management, siting, stakeholder communication, technical and safety-related reviews and development etc.)
  • Technical expert services (repository and barrier system engineering, measurements, modelling)

  • R&D-services and co-operation
  • Technology development and licensing


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